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Wholesale grosgrain, organza, polka dot, animal print ribbon for bow making, scrapbooking and more!
House of Ribbon
Grosgrain ribbon, double ruffle ribbon and crochet headbands at low prices.



Free Instructions for Boutique-Quality Custom Hair Bows

Why pay for what should be FREE?

You might notice the large HostMonster ad to the right. I have hosted my sites with HostMonster for over 5 years now. I've been thrilled. Since I am asked all of the time about who to use for website hosting, I decided to go ahead and put my endorsement right here at the top of the page. :) Plus, they just added Weebly, a drag-and-drop website builder. Very cool tool. 

And, a quick Shout-Out to my latest obsession:

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I love being able to create my own boutique-quality custom hair bows and accessories to match my daughter's outfits. I don't sell my hair bows in boutiques or online, though I have given them as gifts. I make them for my own satisfaction and my daughter's delight. Beads, clippies, korkers, ribbons and loopy bows are so much fun. Learning how to make hair bows is easy.

I know many SAHMs who have turned bow making into a work-at-home opportunity. They are having fun and earning extra income while they stay home with their families. Take a minute and visit out page about Selling Your Bows.

I had a hard time finding step-by-step directions for hair bow making. Many people sell packets of bow instructions, but I thought it might be nice to put together absolutely free bow tutorials for other hobbyists to learn how to simply make a bow out of ribbon. I think when it comes to crafts, the instructions should be as freely shared as a favorite recipe. Especially when it comes to making bows. The people who sell the instructions online have their buyers so convinced that the actual IDEA of making bows is theirs that it's become a weird bow cult. It's a frightening thing to see how rabid some of these people can get if they think they might lose a few sales.

Girly Things was the FIRST website to give away free hair bow instructions like this. Believe me, I looked. And looked and looked. Of course, now that we are at the top of the search engines and sellers are seeing that people really appreciate free tutorials, many are following our lead. That's OK! The more free information out there, the better.

CafeMom is the Place for Moms!

Please remember that while tiny infants cannot remove their headbands and bows, as soon as they do begin to have control over their little hands, the bows come right off and go in their mouths. Hair accessories can be a choking hazard in infants and young children.

We welcome new pictures and directions to add to the site. If you have directions or pictures to contribute, please send them my way.

Bow Group! If you're weary of the catty in-fighting in most of the hair bow making Yahoo groups out there, please join the new group affiliated with our site. Free Hair Bows

HOT step-by-step instructions find: Latest Jewelry-Making Ideas


You and your bow-wearing angels are walking advertisements. 
Make sure the kids are wearing those bows in public. 
Or, check out our line of Bow T's for Moms and Grandmas

It has come to my attention that some individuals selling bow instruction packets have copied the text from this site word- for- word. Shame on you. I put my site up to provide free instructions for everyone, not to do your work for you so you can make a quick buck. If you want to make money, make the actual bows and sell them. Or, at least, have the insight and creativity to re-word the instructions.

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