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The Bottle Caps tutorial was created by Beth McGinnis. Credit where credit is due! Many thanks to Beth for helping to enlarge our collection of FREE hair bow instructions.

Bottle Caps are all the rage right now. You can use them as bow centers, or on necklaces and bracelets. The same method can even be used on dog tags. This is a simple, flexible method.

To get you started, here is a printable sheet of funky alphabet images by Delilah Collins of AleighBell Bows.



bottle caps


Step-by-Step Instructions


Bottle caps can be found on eBay, etsy and many other sites. You can also purchase them from brewery supply places. Shop around for your best price. You don’t want to use a bottle cap that has come off a bottle, as the crimped edge can’t be flared back out.
Images can come from stickers, generated yourself using various photo editing programs, or purchased ready to use on eBay, etsy & many other sites. If you are printing your own, use photo paper or have them printed at a photo processing center.

Once you have your images chosen, simply cut them out using Bottle a 1-inch round punch.

Begin with a good workspace, such as a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper with the waxy side up. Tape it down & make sure it is good & flat.

Apply images to bottle caps. You can apply them to the top of the cap or on the inside of the cap almost like placing the image in the bottom of a tiny pie plate). Make sure that to rub the image to get the edges to adhere well, as it will ruin the cap if the edge pulls up and any resin seeps under it. After image is stuck to the cap (if you use glue it needs to be dry) place your caps on the cookie sheet you covered with parchment paper. Leave a little space between them as you spread them out.

Adhesive is a personal preference. I use my Xyron sticker maker to make my image into a sticker. You can also use a glue stick or just about any adhesive that will stick well and not leave bumps or bubbles beneath your image.

Mixing and Applying Resin:
Resin is also a personal preference. I use EnviroTex Lite, but you can use Mod Podge, Triple Thick glaze or many others. You can find many of these products at Michaels, JoAnn’s, and Hobby Lobby.

Mix the Resin
Make sure what you use is disposable (I use little plastic medicine cups). The medicine cups are great since they have measurements marked on the sides. I mix my resin in small batches, so it doesn’t have time to start setting up and so I don’t waste any. I never make more than 30 ml at a time.

When mixing EnviroTex Lite, make sure to add the hardener second, each bottle is labeled. I then use a popsicle stick to stir it well. If not mixed thoroughly it will not set up properly. There will be bubbles in there, but they are easy to get rid of.

Pour the Resin
This might take trial & error to discover what works best for you. I use a syringe with no needle on it, and deposit a few drops on each cap in the center. I do a small amount, because it is easier to add to it than it is to remove excess. Ultimately, you are looking for the resin to spread slowly to the edge. You can use a popsicle stick to spread the resin, or any other disposable item.

Remove the Bubbles
After pouring the resin, you will notice bubbles. There are several methods of removal. In particular, when using EnviroTex Lite, you can either exhale over the caps (blowing is too harsh) or use a lighter and run it over the tops of caps. The carbon dioxide will pop the bubbles.

Allow Resin to Cure
The resin needs to set up, or cure, now. Put your caps somewhere dust-free where they won’t be disturbed. Consider placing a large box top over your tray to keep out dust. Check the directions on your resin for drying time. EnviroTex Lite takes 24 hours to cure. Do not touch them while they are curing.

After they are dry, you can apply a second coat of resin. Simply repeat instructions for first coat.

Here are a few of the punches & other items that you can make using the same technique.



Free instructions directions bottle caps

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