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Wholesale grosgrain, organza, polka dot, animal print ribbon for bow making, scrapbooking and more!
House of Ribbon
Grosgrain ribbon, double ruffle ribbon and crochet headbands at low prices.




30-50 2.5" lengths of  korker ribbon (this means ribbon that you have curled into a "korker" style using the directions below)
12" string or thin elastic 
Glue gun 
Barrette, french clip, alligator clip, or headband
Fray Check or clear nail polish

Bow Instructions

(directions for curling ribbon is located further down on page)

Cut korker ribbon into 2.5" lengths. Or, you may find you like them a bit longer or shorter. Just be sure they are all equal in length. Once you have the korker ribbon cut into even lengths, apply Fray Check or clear nail polish to all of the ends and let dry. 

For a single-color or random-mixed bow, lay the pile of cuts over the center on the string. Work on a flat, solid surface. Bring the ends of the string up and and over the pile, tying a knot over the ribbon lengths. Make sure you pull tight and make a double-knot. 

If some of the ribbon lengths appear to stick out more than others, locate the opposite end of the suspect ribbon and gently pull until the length matches the rest of the ribbons.

Now you have your bow and it's time to attach it to the clip or band of your choice. If you are using a metal clip, you can use a flat piece of matching ribbon to cover the metal. Just hot glue the ribbon to the top. Then, simply glue the bow to the top of your clip.

If you are using a cloth headband you can either hot glue it to the bow or sew it on.

To attach your bow to a pony tail holder, put the string/elastic through the pony tail before laying it flat to stack the
korkers on top.

Korker Ribbon Instructions

1/4" or 5/16" wooden dowels. 
Wooden clothespins  
Any 100% polyester fabric ribbon (grosgrain, satin, woven, jacquard, organza, etc.)

Wrap ribbon along the dowel without overlapping and secure each end with a clothespin or other oven-friendly clip. The tighter you roll the ribbon on the dowel, the tighter your curl will be. Experiment with the tension you want to use, but make sure you use even tension throughout the entire batch to ensure a uniform look.

Some people find that putting the dowel in a drill bit is a faster, easier way to make korker ribbon. Hold the ribbon at an angle, push the trigger on your drill and guide the ribbon onto the dowel.

In a clean over, put the oven rack in the center position, covered in aluminum foil. Remove all other racks to allow space for your dowels.

Heat oven to 275 degrees, bake for 15-25 minutes. This is an average approximation for temperature and time. Experimentation and practice will provide you with the perfect ratio for your desired outcome. Gently slide one ribbon off the dowel. If the curls are tight and even, you're done. If they're too loose, put them back in for another 5 minutes. 

Though wetting your ribbon before baking does not prove to make any difference, many people do find that spraying the ribbon with a fabric stiffener before baking does indeed help.

Mini Korkers!
To make bows with those teeny tiny little korker ribbons, simply use the thinnest dowel you can find along with the narrowest ribbon. There are no hard, firm rules...., so make your OWN rules!

Krinkle Ribbons
Many people like to put some krinkle ribbon into their bows along with the korkers. I suggest cutting your lengths of krinkle the same as the lengths of korker you are using and staggering them right into your little stack of lengths before tying it off into a bow. I find that a ratio of 1 krinkle to 5 or 6 korkers looks pretty great.

Simply take a length of ribbon. Thread a needle with a similarly colored thread and weave the threaded needle in and out of ribbon down the center lengthwise,  from end to end. Hold the end and gently slide the ribbon toward knotted end, much like when you are pushing a curtain onto a curtain rod. Tie a knot at end to prevent unraveling.

Krinkle example


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