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The instructions and photos for the Loopy Surround Bow were provided by Ann Whisler of Creative Works By Ann. Many thanks for helping to enlarge our collection of FREE instructions. This style is also called a Surround-a-Bow or Surround-a-Bow Loops.


• 1 Boutique Fold Bow, ready for mounting.

• 2-3 lengths of ribbon for surround a loops (3/8” width ribbon shown), cut to same length or +1” of Boutique fold bow ribbon length. See example below. Seal ends.

• 1 section of ribbon for base/support bow, seal ends. See example below.

• 3-5 pieces of ribbon for ribbon sprays. Trim and Seal ends. See example below.

• Needle and thread

• Choice of glue

Additional notes and measurement tips on this bow located at bottom of page.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Take 1 of your ribbon pieces for the surround loops and fold it in half. Make a crease at the half mark.
Take 1 of your ribbon pieces for the surround loops and fold it in half. Make a crease at the half mark.
Fold the ribbon around and place the center crease at the edge of the ribbon next to the ribbon end. You can now hold the two loop sections and slide the ribbon back and forth to make the loops even.
To check for loop evenness, hold the center of the ribbon as shown and gently pull up on the loops. if they are even they will both be resting on your finger the same.
Using a needle and thread, make a few stitches to hold the first loops in place. The needle and thread should be on top for the next step.
This is what your first and second loops will look like.
Take your ribbon and make the 3rd loop, putting the ribbon under the first pair of loops.
Check for evenness by gently pulling on the ribbon as shown. This picture shows the new 3rd loop being compared to the 2nd loop.
This is what your first three loops will look like. Please note that the center ribbon from left to right are stacked on each other, not side by side.
Take the end of the ribbon, fold it around and place it at the edge of the ribbon toward Loop 1. This completes the 4th loop. Stitch all the layers of ribbon together and tie a knot to secure. Repeat for other surround loop ribbons. **This picture shows the outside of the Surround loops or the bottom.
This is the completed surround a bow loop series. Please note the way the loops are laid out.
Now that all your surround loop ribbons are completed, stack them on top of each other being sure they are all facing the same direction and matching centers. I like to make a few stitches through all the layers to secure them. You may glue them also.
These are the finished surround a loops, ready for mounting. Please note which way the loops lay. This is how they need to be when the boutique bow is placed for mounting. Set them aside.
Now you can make the Ribbon Spray. The main piece of ribbon runs down the center from left to right of the finished bow. Layer the other ribbons on top in an X pattern as shown. If you use more ribbons than what is pictured, arrange them to your preference. All the ribbons need to have the same center.

**NOTE** Ribbon Sprays: Ribbon sprays are the short pieces of ribbon you see poking out from under the main bow and surround a loops. They are also known as Spikes. I like to cut them all at 6” long and use that for 4” and 5” bows. I do need to sometimes trim them when making a 4” bow. This will vary from maker to maker depending on how you would like your bows to look. I encourage you to note the length you use as your preference.

Weave a needle through all layers at the center of the ribbon spray as shown. Cinch or squeeze the ribbon center together to gather it while it is still on the needle, then pull the needle through. Wind the ribbon around the center twice, keeping it tight and secure at knot at the back.
This is the completed spray arrangement, ready for mounting. Set aside.
Now it is time to make your base/support bow. Make a loose boutique fold bow. This ribbon has been cut shorter and is not intended to be full like a boutique bow.
Weave a needle and thread through the center of the ribbon as shown. Do not pull the needle through.
Cinch the center of the bow while still on the needle. Wrap the thread around the center two times keeping it tight and make a secure knot in the back. Now you are ready to assemble your bow!
Arrange all your bow parts for assembly.
Glue (or sew) the ribbon spray onto the base/support bow lining up centers (the thread). Allow glue to set.
It should look as shown.
Glue (or sew) the Boutique bow to the Surround loops being sure to line up the centers. Allow glue to set.
Glue (or sew) the boutique bow and surround loops on top of the ribbon spray/base bow. Lining up centers (the thread). Allow glue to set.
The bow is ready to be mounted to a clip or headband. Finished bow shown with center ribbon applied.

**NOTE** Surround-a-Loops: I like my surround a loops to be full. I tend to cut my ribbon at the same length as I used to make a boutique fold bow or I add an inch. For example – if I am making a 4” boutique fold bow and cut the ribbon for it at 29” long, then I cut my surround a loops ribbon to 29” long or 30” long (which is 29” +1”). Each person has a preference for how they would like their bows to look so I encourage you to note the lengths you use as your preference.

**NOTE** Base/Support bow ribbon: In these instructions, I am making a 5” finished width Surround-A-Loop boutique bow. I used 29” of ribbon to make the Boutique fold bow, and 30” of ribbon to make each surround a loop. For the Base/Support bow shown here, I used 25” of ribbon. It is common for me to use 3-4” less for the Base/Support Bow than I did to make the Boutique Fold Bow. Each person has a preference depending on how they like their bow to look so I encourage you to note the length you use as your preference.
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